A quiet couple of days for coverage of green affairs, writes Michael Willoughby

There was no overriding green story in the weekend's papers, but great men, such as Prince Charles and Adair Turner featured. The former's sixitieth birthday wish is to be remembered for saving the rainforests, he has disclosed to Gordon Brown. He will be lobbying world leaders through his birthday year.

The Independent warns of climate change protest chaos in the same vein as that directed at Heathrow last year. While Camp for Climate Action said it would target Heathrow again, it also vowed to pull stunts at Kingsnorth, E.On's new coal power station.

The inexplicable death of coral might be due to sunscreen, the Sunday Times reports.

Humans have made such an impact on the Earth, that the current geological era name (Holocene) does not accurately describe the planet. Two Leicester geologists have led calls for this to be dubbed the Anthropocene era.

There's a profile of new climate change chief, Adair Turner, in the Observer. But it's not titled 'A Tsar is Born,' unfortunately