The High Court hears that steelwork contractor Hollandia expects its final bill to be nearly £130m, on top of the £60m already paid to original subcontractor Cleveland Bridge.

Multiplex's steelwork bill for Wembley stadium is likely to come in at nearly £200m, it emerged today.

The original steel subcontractor Cleveland Bridge has already been paid £60m and the High Court today heard that its replacement Hollandia has received £95m for its work to date and expects its final bill to be nearly £130m.

Completing his evidence this morning, Multiplex project manager Ranald McGregor was asked what Hollandia's work had cost to date since it replaced Cleveland Bridge in June 2004.

"I believe it's above £100m," he said.

Hollandia's project manager for Wembley Kees Van Rooijen was the next witness and he told the court that Hollandia had so far received about £95m from Multiplex for steel erection work.

He added that the final bill would also include approximate figures of £10m for engineering, £4.7m for the moving roof, £5m for the fixed roof, £3m for purchased items and £10m for variations, a total of £127.7m.

When added to Cleveland Bridge's bill, this would bring Wembley's steelwork costs to £187.7m.

Mr Van Rooijen also revealed that Hollandia's original cost-plus deal with Multiplex had now become a fixed-price arrangement for the remaining works on site, including the removal of temporary steelwork.