The Crane Survey shows the area has highest amount of space under construction for over two years

The Crane Survey, a half-yearly report on commercial building projects underway, has revealed the largest number of new starts ever recorded in the West End in a single survey.

The area presently has the highest amount of space under construction for over two years.

A total of 13 new schemes comprising 1.4 million ft2 of floor space have started over the last six months, bringing the total volume of office space now being built to just under two million.

However, other parts of London are seeing less activity. Overall, there has been just one new start across all the other markets - The Place (Sellar Property Group’s 430,000ft2 ‘mini Shard’) which commenced just a stone’s throw from The Shard in Southwark.

Councillor Jonathan Glanz, Westminster council cabinet member for housing and corporate property, said:

“This is great news for businesses in West End, and for Westminster in general.

“In tough times this shows the endeavour, hard work and entrepreneurship of this area will help us to continue to buck the national trend.

“We must however ensure that all developers are sensitive to the needs and wishes of local residents as construction works take place. Westminster is a great place to live as well as to work.”