Dubai's Palm Jumeira will one day have the largest vacuum sewerage system in the world, but in the mean time waste is being dumped in manholes

To Dubai, home of all things “biggest” – the tallest towers, the most sizable golf resorts, and of course, the world’s largest vacuum sewerage system.

Palm Jameira

Developer Nakheel is using this giant sucking system on the Palm Jumeira, which recently opened for business. A stopgap sewerage disposal plan set up before the new system was fully operational has disturbed the residents of the idyllic Palm, however.

Trucks (painted with flowers) were assigned to collect the, er, waste produced by the Palm dwellers and deposit it far away from the island paradise.

The lorry drivers however - perhaps intimidated by the thought of dragging their loads through the Dubai traffic - instead began pumping the contents of their floral trucks straight into the island’s manholes, with predictable items washing up on the otherwise fragrant beaches of the Palm.