Tottenham are going well in the Premier league but will they beat West Ham to the 2012 Olympic stadium?

Last Thursday, Tottenham Hotspur’s stadium architect said that the club would demolish the Olympic stadium if it won the bid to take it over after the 2012 games.

David Keirle said that most of the structure would be replaced, as it was not suitable for football, with most of the seats being too far away from the pitch. He also said that the stadium would be easy to dismantle as it resembled “a sophisticated Meccano kit”.

“It is designed with minimal facilities,” he said. “All the concessions are outside, it has no toilets, suites, boxes and very limited hospitality. It doesn’t have a roof.”

Tottenham’s plans would mean jettisoning nearly all of the hard work - and £496m of public money after just six weeks of use.

So should the government consider Tottenham Hotspurs proposal? Tell us what you think.