Plans for the UK's largest onshore wind farm have been revised in response to conservationists' fears

The UK’s largest onshore wind farm has been scaled back under revised plans that have been released this week.

The original plan for 234 wind turbines on the Hebridean island of Lewis has been reduced to 181, which will mean the farm’s energy generating capacity will be reduced to 652MW from 702MW.

The revised plans were submitted by the developer, Lewis Wind Power, to the Scottish Executive this Tuesday in an attempt to address opponents’ fears.

The council has received 400 objections to the scheme, with conservationists raising concerns about the number of birds that could be killed by flying into the turbines. Some of the wind farm is also expected to be built on peatland, which is protected by EU law.

Lewis Wind Power has said about 400 jobs would be created to build the turbines, with more once the wind farm is operational.