Wood floor manufacturer Kährs has launched Woodloc 5S, a mechanical, glueless joint for locking boards together with almost invisible joints

Featuring an eco-friendly wood-fibre composite construction, the firm claims the locking joint is easy to install, providing a strong joint across a single area. It is compatible with all Kährs floors fitted with the traditional Woodloc joint and with its 15mm Original and 30mm Activity Floor ranges.

During installation of the original joint, a plastic wedge was used to hold the previously installed board at the correct angle, before locking the short end of the new board in place. The new product eliminates the need for this wedge; the previous board remains flat on the subfloor while the new board is positioned and pressed flat. All joints within a row remain “unlocked” until the subsequent row is installed, enabling adjustment and easy installation around door frames and radiators.

The new joint will allow up to a 75% larger area to be installed without an expansion joint, claims the company. It is also suitable for installation with underfloor heating systems.