Global consultancy firm partners in Beijing, plans Shanghai opening

WYG has signed its first mutual cooperation agreement with a Beijing based engineering consultancy as part of its ongoing international growth strategy.

The agreement with the Changjiang and Huanghe Corporation aims to ‘strengthen partnership’ and ‘promote mutually beneficial cooperation between the two companies.’

The ‘Mutual Cooperation Agreement’ will draw upon WYG’s expertise in the areas of environmental planning and management, sustainability, transport and infrastructure.

The global consultancy firm previously announced its intentions to expand its international presence and is currently planning to open an office in Shanghai.

Keith Perry, regional director with WYG, said: “We are delighted to be strengthening our position within the Chinese business market and making this strategic alliance is a step further to building our foundations in this vastly developing country.

“The agreement is already bearing fruit, as we have identified a number of potential projects in China which we are actively investigating together.”