Off-site manufacturing outfit unveils add-ons to make modular buildings more eco-friendly

Off-site construction specialist Yorkon has launched a series of design options for more eco-modular buildings. The Portakabin subsidiary says the options offer significant environmental benefits, including the use of renewable sources of energy, reduced energy consumption and carbon emissions, and recyclability.

Several of these options have already been used for buildings provided by Yorkon.

Yorkon's Bewdley School - biomass boiler
Yorkon's Bewdley School - Biomass boiler.

The optional features include an array of technologies and systems which include green roofs (above), solar thermal heating , PV, passive ventilation, CHP, biomass and rainwater harvesting.

Yorkon Bewdley School - green roof
Yorkon Bewdley School - green roof.

Yorkon claimed that such systems add to the benefits of going modular. Research carried out by Arup has demonstrated that up to 67% less energy is required to produce a modular building compared to an equivalent traditionally built project.

Additionally, in full-scale tests for air permeability, Yorkon buildings perform up to 70% better than the minimum requirements of the Building Regulations.