2012 was another vintage year for safety blunder pictures. Here are our top five examples of on-site idiocy


Team work

You need to know you can rely on someone if you’re about to attempt this manoeuvre. Sent by Mark Bodger in January.

safety blunder

Double fault

A mini-digger is used to hammer in a hand-held post – as observed by Chris Abell in Wimbledon, published in April.

safety blunder

Searching for the light

A slightly flawed set-up of emergency lighting taken by Chris Mann, also published in April.

Safety blunder pic

Bit of a stretch

Tim Walsingham spotted this ingenious cherry picker/ladder interface in Norfolk, back in June.

Health and Safety pic 29

Going up …

A novel way of removing demolition material from a flat in Amsterdam, sent by Simon Patrick in July.

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