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  • Simon Keen

    The rise of the boiler


    With the implementation of EPCs next month, boiler inspections could soon be an important issue for owners and occupiers, says Lovells' Simon Keen

  • The ground source heat pump is sized to meet 50% of the energy needs of Urban Splash’s Lake Shore House in Bristol

    Sustainability: Heat pumps


    Can the technology that powers the humble fridge contribute to reducing carbon emissions in a cost-effective way? Simon Rawlinson of Davis Langdon looks at what heat pumps can, and cannot, offer a future development

  • Features

    What it costs: CHP (combined heat and power systems)


    Peter Mayer of Building LifePlans looks at the cost and environmental dividends from combined heat and power systems. With Combined heat and power (CHP) or co-generation systems, heat that might be lost as a by-product of electricity generation is captured for space and water heating. Locally supplied electricity incur lower ...

  • Floor standing Gas Boiler

    Floor-standing condensing gas boiler


    Boiler manufacturer Potterton has launched a floor-standing condensing gas boiler with an integrated hot water cylinder.

  • Mechanical ventilation image 1

    What it costs: mechanical ventilation


    In many instances mechanical ventilation may be the only option to manage office environments. Peter Mayer of Building LifePlans explores the options

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    What to remember: Toilets


    One of the more flagrant areas of discrimination between the sexes is the provision of toilets in offices. But not for much longer … Peter Caplehorn of Scott Brownrigg explains

  • Features

    What it costs: photovoltaics


    Photovoltaics may help reduce energy costs, as well as cutting CO2 emissions. Peter Mayer of Building LifePlans looks at the options and whole-life costs of PV systems

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    Costs: Natural ventilation for offices


    Natural ventilation for offices not only makes financial sense but also offers a sustainable solution to environment management. Wec examine the whole-life costs

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    Costs: Condensing gas boilers


    Condensing gas boilers have become the heating unit of choice for homes. Peter Mayer of Building Performance Group considers the options and examines their whole-life values