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    Back-to-wall WC redesigned


    Impulse Bathrooms has redesigned its back-to-wall WC pan in response to feedback from plumbers. It has remodelled the trap and horizontal outlet so plumbers can now configure the pan as a P or S connection. The company says this makes it easier to install and ensure a reliable connection. Impulse ...

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    Domestic heat pumps: So you think this will do the job, then?


    Given that the government seems bent on promoting heat pump technology to help it meet its carbon reduction targets, it’s odd that evidence for its effectiveness has been so thin on the ground. Now at last a study reveals the truth…

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    Building pathology: Wind turbines


    The output, reliability and lifespan of wind turbines varies widely depending on a number of factors. Peter Mayer of BLP Insurance talks us through them

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    What it costs: Heat pumps


    They are amazingly efficient, but setting up a ground source heat pump may be tricky if you haven’t considered all the factors. Peter Mayer of BLP Insurance gives us the lowdown

  • Dutch firm Itho has entered the UK ventilation market where it is offering its whole house mechanical ventilation and heat recovery system.

    Whole-house ventilation


    Dutch firm Itho has entered the UK ventilation market where it is offering its whole house mechanical ventilation and heat recovery system

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    Flue gas heat recovery


    The Energy Saving Trust (EST) has recognised the Zenex GasSaver under its recommended scheme of products that can reduce energy consumption.

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    Extractor fans


    Vortice has launched two extractor fans – the Vort Quadro ES, a centrifugal fan, and the Lineo ES, an in-line mixed flow fan, both of which offer low power consumption and low noise levels, the company claims

  • Valor Fires has launched two electric fire designs – the Metropolis and Scenic.

    Electric fires


    Valor Fires has launched two electric fire designs – the Metropolis and Scenic

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    Micro CHP: Home made


    Micro combined heat and power units that generate free electricity while heating your house are due to hit the UK market next year. But are they too good to be true?

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    LPG boilers


    Potterton has launched two domestic LPG boilers that have been developed to offer the features and benefits of main gas versions.

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    Bespoke wiring accessories


    MK Electric has launched a dedicated design service that offers specifiers the opportunity to create bespoke switches, sockets and other wiring accessories

  • Where the school has an atrium, the E-stack units can vent directly into the space, reducing the cost of installing roof terminal units

    Natural ventilation: Second wind


    A Cambridge university research team decided traditional natural ventilation strategies were just not up to scratch and came up with a new approach. Stephen Kennett reports

  • Polypropylene pipework grid being installed under what will eventually be one of the school's sports pitches

    Ground air exchanger installed in £10m London BSF school


    AWADUKT Thermo uses natural temperature of the earth to pre-warm or pre-cool ventilation air

  • Eco efficient 4.5 litre ES4 WCs supplied by Green Building Store

    Hotels embrace water-saving technology


    Three hotels champion water-wise scheme by using eco efficient 4.5 litre ES4 WCs

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    Podcast: A breath of fresh air for highly insulated houses


    As houses become more airtight moving up the Code, ventilation becomes increasingly important. But how do you change stale air without burning energy?

  • The Kingspan Lighthouse at BRE’s Garston headquarters, designed by Sheppard Robson. This home meets level six of the Code for Sustainable Homes

    Everything in this picture is green


    It doesn’t matter how energy-efficient a home is – if the interior doesn’t look great, nobody will buy it. Chloe Stothart checks out the latest products hoping to persuade the public that green is good

  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

    CHP achieves 80% efficiency


    Combined Heat and Power is the simultaneous generation of usable heat and power in a single process

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    Building pathology: BMS systems


    Building management systems give occupants control of M&E equipment at the touch of a button, but their complexity can cause problems

  • HRU ECO 4 Heat Recovery Unit

    Heat recovery unit, alternative to replacing used filters


    HRU ECO 4 offers a combination of Heat Recovery efficiency and Specific Fan Power

  • Thermablok

    New nanotechnology promises drastic thermal insulation


    Thermablok, for shielding heat on space shuttles, is now available for construction