Bouygues is still the biggest construction outfit in Europe, three times the size of Amec. But for how much longer? With Skanska still pursuing ambitious expansion plans and many of the other major players thinking about copying the Vinci-GTM merger, the European industry looks set to undergo a rapid evolution. Here are the top 300 contractors and 200 materials producers who will be taking part, ranked by turnover.

Methodology and key for tables attached

This ranking was compiled by Building’s French sister publication Le Moniteur des Travaux Publics et du Bâtiment with the assistance of Jacqueline McLaurin (UK), Marcel Linden (Germany), Guy de Faramond (Scandinavia), Brigitte De Wolf (Belgium), Frédéric Traini (Spain), Aldo Norsa (Italy), Catherine Thomas (Portugal), Building (United Kingdom) and Vereinigung Industrieller Bauunternehmungen Österreichs (Austria).
Profit and turnover figures have been converted from euros using the average exchange rate for 1999: £1=0.6587353 euros.

    * Subsidiary of company already listed

** Net profit

*** Before merger with Lend Lease