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    Top European contractors: Plus ca change


    Deflation has darkened the mood across the eurozone’s construction markets, putting the long-awaited recovery on hold once more. Building examines what continued stagnation means for firms on both sides of the Channel

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    Top 150 European Contractors 2014: Channel hoppers


    The return to growth of the UK construction market has prompted some envious glances from mainland Europe, so should UK firms steel themselves for an influx of continental rivals? Plus find out this year’s Top 150 European contractors and manufacturers

  • Euro contractors

    Top 150 European contractors: the Euro vision


    We introduce the top European contractors and housebuilders league tables with an analysis of the overall health of the market

  • Euro Millions

    Top European contractors and housebuilders 2012: The multimillion euro question


    Building introduces this year’s Top European contractors and housebuilders league tables by finding out why even the most successful firms need to be preparing for the worst

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    Euro contractors: Is the UK market in their grip?


    Even the big guns in this year’s Top 200 European contractors league tables will feel the pain as public spending shrinks everywhere. But they could find good hunting among the UK’s large projects. Dave Lowery examines what lies behind the rankings listed over the next nine pages

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    Europe’s big beasts: Top contractors on the prowl


    Europe’s governments have been throwing bloody haunches to contractors to get them through the famine, says Michael Glackin, but soon they’re going to be hunting on their own

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    Europe's top 100 contractors and materials firms


    It may be a global downturn but some countries are doing better than others. Our annual table of Europe’s top 300 contractors and materials firms begins with a look at the winners and losers.

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    Conquistadors in Kensington


    While French firms were dazzling us with their hefty turnovers, the Spanish have sneaked in and established themselves as the next big thing in European construction.

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    Willkommen zurück, pet (Welcome back, liebchen)


    Our league of Europe’s top 300 contractors and materials producers kicks off with an analysis of the German market, which has just had its first year of growth in a decade. Mark Leftly looks at what’s caused the change – and what it means for British firms considering a trip ...

  • Building’s new map of Europe …

    Balance of power


    Building s annual rundown of Europe s top 300 contractors confirms the continued dominance of the French - Vinci and Bouygues remain in the top two positions. Mark Leftly and Emily Wright reveal the secrets of the superpowers success and split the continent into six regions to analyse how ...

  • French Top 300

    Europe's Top 300


    Building’s round-up of the 300 biggest European contractors reveals that French firms Vinci and Bouygues have stormed to the top.

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    Building’s Beckhams


    Every year, a few premiership players dominate the European construction league – but their Spanish competitors are playing a long game and there may be an upset.

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    The Vikings have arrived


    This year, France s domination of the European contractors league table was brought to an end by a Swedish assault. And, as Matthew Richards reports, Skanska isn t the only firm with global ambitions.

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    Cream of the Continent


    The biggest construction companies in Europe have shifted positions slightly since last year s league table, but the names remain the same. So why do Vinci, Bouygues and Hochtief always appear at the top of the pile – and streets ahead of UK firms?

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    The top 500


    Bouygues is still the biggest construction outfit in Europe, three times the size of Amec. But for how much longer? With Skanska still pursuing ambitious expansion plans and many of the other major players thinking about copying the Vinci-GTM merger, the European industry looks set to undergo a rapid evolution. ...