The Gleeds consultant overlooks Bangalore’s road vendors selling roasted peanuts

Where are you?

At the Gleeds Hooloomann Consulting India head office in Bangalore that abounds in the cantonment area in Frazer Town and Coles Park.

What do you see?

From our office window, through the shaded Indian Mahagony, which when it flowers marks the transition from winter to spring, we overlook the quietly bustling streets witnessing the scenic spots with the road side vendors selling roasted peanuts on a cart served in paper cones.

I also hear the chuckles of the children at play in the roller skating rink classes held every evening in the Coles Park, making it a great place and a soothing environment to work in.

What are you working on?

We are celebrating our recent wins with GMR, Godrej, Swissotel and Bharti Realty which join Taj Hotels - the Indian Hotels Co, the Oberoi Group in the Hospitality Sector and Marks & Spencers in the Retail Sector as clients.

Jyoti Gandhi is manager, business development at Gleeds Hooloomann Consulting India, established in 2008 to help with the Indian, Maldivian and Sri Lankan markets.