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The ‘floating’ bookstack structure is suspended over the new entrance hall

Bodleian library: The new edition

2 Apr 15 | By Ike Ijeh

As custodian of millions of precious books and manuscripts, Oxford’s Bodleian library needed a much bigger - and safer - building to house its collection. With the new Weston Library, Wilkinson Eyre provided this and much more

Maggie's Oxford

Preview: Building Awards Small Project of the Year shortlist

25 Mar 15 | By Ike Ijeh

From swimming pool to school, court to chapel, the architectural gems up for this year’s Building Awards Small Project of the Year prove that size isn’t everything


Preview: Building Awards Project of the Year shortlist

18 Mar 15 | By Ike Ijeh

The schemes in the running to be Building’s Project of the Year are as varied as the purposes for which they were designed. But whether a hockey centre or a special needs school, the teams behind these buildings went the extra mile


Bethlem Hospital: Altered states

11 Mar 15 | By Ike Ijeh

Fraser Brown MacKenna’s renovation of Bethlem Hospital’s Museum of the Mind may look from the outside much as it did, but the interior spaces now house art galleries, exhibition spaces and an incomparable archive

Lincoln Castle

Lincoln Castle: Taking liberties

5 Mar 15 | By Ike Ijeh

The £22m restoration of Lincoln Castle involves the painstaking reconstruction of 1,000-year-old walls and the excavation of a Saxon sarcophagus. It also means sticking one of only four copies of the Magna Carta underneath what was once the exercise yard of a Victorian prison

Hong Kong skyline

Can tall buildings ever be sustainable?

25 Feb 15 | By Ike Ijeh

With debate still raging over the 230 towers lined up to make the London skyline look more like Hong Kong’s, Ike Ijeh looks at whether tall buildings can ever be sustainable

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Alistair Campbell

Ecobuild 2015 video: Alastair Campbell

6 Mar 15

Former Labour party communications director on the government’s track record on green building policy


Style Partitions Moveable Walls

What to specify: refurbishment

This week’s refurbishment products include the installation of an aluminium windows and doors system in Hackney, moveable walls in Manchester, and a wood canopy for a campus at Edinburgh University

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Project news

The Pinnacle

Deal done: Lipton Rogers inks Pinnacle rescue deal

19 Feb 15

Exclusive: Sir Stuart Lipton’s team seals deal to take over mothballed tower

The Pinnacle

Lipton Rogers on verge of Pinnacle rescue deal

16 Feb 15

Sir Stuart Lipton’s team closes in on taking over mothballed tower



What to specify: Flooring

24 Mar 15

A range of flooring styles is demonstrated this week, from a resin floor used to direct passengers at a refurbished bus terminal to the striking design feature made from rubber floor tiling at SAP’s office reception

Wood floor patterns

What to specify: Refurbishment

11 Mar 15

It’s in with the old, in with the new, as manufacturers offer a range of products to revamp diverse properties ranging from hotels to offices

Caddick construction

What to specify: Cladding

25 Feb 15

If your eyes glaze over at the thought of glazing, this week’s crop of cladding products will perk you up no end with a choice of cedar, cast stone and aluminium

Soleal windows

What to specify: Education

10 Feb 15

You don’t need an IQ of 150 to realise that there are a plethora of dead clever education products this week, including a door that will close when a fire alarm goes off and another that will fend off the smartest burglar

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Sketch of the week

Turnmill concept sketch

Sketch of the week: Turnmill

2 Apr 15

This week’s #buildingdoodle sketch is by Stuart Piercy at Piercy & Co. Architect


Serpentine Sackler Gallery

Wonders & blunders with Gill Parker

12 Sep 14

London resident Gill Parker thrills to the Sackler Gallery’s contemporary spirit but is less than charmed by a sixties housing estate that has ghettoised its residents

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Richard Blair

Mipim blog: Do Scotland's cities get the profile they deserve?

10 Mar 15 | By Richard Blair

The power of cities to drive economic growth is a big theme at Mipim this year, let’s not forget those north of the border

Sarah Richardson

The privileged few

13 Feb 15 | By Sarah Richardson

It’s imperative that architecture doesn’t become an occupation only available to the wealthy elite

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