As part of the Building Your Future campaign, we ask what buildings were futuristic in their time, or marked a change in how the industry built. Here, Vanessa Quansah of Lendlease Construction has learned lessons at a London museum 

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I started my career working for a demolition and refurbishment contractor and taking buildings apart is actually what informs my work now at Lendlease. One of the refurb jobs that inspired me the most was the Imperial War Museum [built in 1815 as the Bethlem Royal hospital]. We were keeping the exterior intact while reconfiguring the inside to make more space and improve the experience for visitors. I’d always loved the building, so to take it apart, understand how it was built and then work out how to improve it was fascinating. This sparked my enduring excitement about engineering and finding better and faster building methods and materials. I’m thrilled to be putting this into practice on a number of high-profile projects across London.