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    The 2009 Consultants' Salary Guide


    As you must have suspected, this year’s results are pretty grim, but many people are still making the best of a bad job – after all, forging designer labels and distilling your own turnip vodka can be fun... Roxane McMeeken does the commentary, Hays Construction & Property handles the data ...

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    How the bonus became extinct: Building Hays Executive salary survey


    This year’s Hays Executive salary guide charts the dawn of the age of recession, in which the recruitment market is over-supplied and the bonus culture has gone the way of the dodo. David Parsley reports

  • Chris Woodhead

    Chris Woodhead: 'Academies seem designed to flatter architects' egos'


    Video: former chief inspector of schools lambasts architects for designing academies for themselves rather than students

  • International salary guide

    International salary guide 2008: Run!


    So there’s a recession coming, the cost of living is rising and my guess is it’s probably raining. Has there ever been a better time to find out how much you could be earning overseas? Thom Gibbs presents this year’s Hays Construction Property international salary guide

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    Hays 2008 Consultants' salary and benefits guide


    If your staff room looks like this it’s safe to say that employers are still having to do all they can to retain talented staff. David Parsley introduces this year’s consultants’ salary guide with a look at some of the quirkier perks on offer

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    Housebuilders' salary survey: Money or your life


    With the big bucks of the private housebuilding sector less forthcoming than they were six months ago, many people are beginning to notice the better work-life balance offered by registered social landlords. Jon Neale reports on the findings of Building’s second annual housebuilders’ salary survey

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    London is for losers


    The streets aren’t paved with gold – at least no more than anywhere else. Take note of the Building/Hays Construction annual salary guide and head for the North.

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    Is the grass any greener on the other side?


    The lawn may look plush over at the clients’ and contractors’ place, but that doesn’t necessarily mean envious consultants should jump the fence.

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    ‘Let’s talk again two years from now …’


    Hays Executive salary guide In 2006 executives have bided their time, choosing to wait and see where the top Olympic jobs will arise. But when the time comes, it will pay to have had one or two discreet meetings with headhunters

  • Joining bonus?

    What does it take to get your loyalty?


    Our annual salary guide shows that firms are offering ever more perks to attract and retain staff, says Mark Leftly. To the right are the three most and the three least popular of these … see if you can guess which is which (answers below)