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  • Lego

    Jingle bell blocks


    Take five teams of construction professionals, stick them in a roomful of Lego, get them to carry out three slightly offbeat tasks, and award them bonus points for good ideas on where to stick Santa… yes, folks, it can only be Building’s 2014 Christmas challenge

  • boxing2

    Boxing challenge: Blood, sweat and tears


    It was perhaps more boot camp than Raging Bull, but Building’s Boxing Day charity event to raise funds for the Boxing Academy was nonetheless a gruelling test of strength, stamina and physical fitness for six of the industry’s heavyweights (and a Building super flyweight).

  • Building's Boxing Day charity appeal
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    Support Building's Christmas charity appeal


    Building is hosting a ‘Boxing Day’ event in support of the Boxing Academy in Hackney, set up for young people at risk of educational exclusion