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  • Jolly green clients

    Jolly green clients


    A strong urge to get back to nature – or at least become more sustainable – has gripped clients this year. Katie Puckett and Caroline Stocks discover how 50 of the biggest spenders are focusing their £12.1bn combined construction budget on all things green

  • UK construction clients

    The £6.5bn men


    Every year these 10 men greenlight more than 18,000 projects worth north of £6bn. Katie Puckett got them together to find out what impresses and depresses them about construction firms, and on pages 58-59 we list the top 100 clients in the UK

  • Features

    The buyers


    Welcome to Building s first ever table of construction s 100 most powerful clients. Over the next eight pages we measure their worth by sector, region, project and reputation. Andy Pearson mingles with the people who push the buttons, Camargue and Glenigan provide the ammunition