I have been heartened by Building’s coverage of the introduction of measures to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from buildings.

There is currently a general lack of awareness among surveyors of the impending requirements to advise upon energy issues and provide energy certificates. These certificates will be instrumental in the surveyor’s role of advising on all types of building.

The current delay in implementing the energy efficiency requirements should regarded as an opportunity to raise awareness of energy efficiency and the introduction of certification. Surveyors will have to look at energy certificates from the standpoints of landlords, tenants and statutory users. The energy certification of buildings will undoubtedly change the market, not only in the obvious way of changing construction materials and methods, but also from the perspective of valuation and marketing.

As buildings create about 50% of all carbon emissions, the property industry has a significant role to play in their reduction. The surveyor therefore will be instrumental in the fight against climate change.

Simon Deacon, UK Energy Surveyors, Southend-on-Sea