I feel you have grossly misrepresented my views in the article.

The title page is wrong. The building has heating; this is by convection heaters, and is expensive to run. The summers can be very uncomfortable due to the design of the building. I would not be allowed to practice if there was no heating.

I have not had to hire workmen recently. The company from which I lease the building has recently done renovation work, which is still not complete.

The building is next to an open area which is grassed. This has had problems due to people exercising their dogs; this has been under investigation and control by Wigan council dog wardens.

We have never had a problem with rodents. Last summer, due to wear and tear a hole appeared in the skirting of the building, and a stray dog used the gap under the building to whelp. This was efficiently dealt with by the dog wardens.

My problems with the premises pre-date the origins of LIFT by several years. The LIFT scheme, as I explained to your reporter, has been of great benefit to the local health services here. Four schemes are now running.

My new premises are currently being built; LIFT was not an option. I was very unhappy that LIFT could not be used and that it seemed that the rehousing of my practice was taking a lower priority to these schemes.

I shall be grateful if you could print this letter in your next issue and withdraw the inaccurate comments.

Dr Stephen Fox, Foxleigh Family Surgery, Leigh