I am writing to tell you about my employer Gleeds. In January I suffered the loss of my father and had to go to Greece to make the appropriate arrangements. I had no idea how long I would have to be there, only that I needed to be on the next plane. One call to my managing partner and I was away. “Just stay in touch” was the only request.

When I found out that two weeks was likely to become three months I met with my senior partner John Murray to let him know what was going on. What they offered was incredible: “Take as long as you need and call us when you are ready to come back.” They continued my pension, my childcare vouchers and paid me a small stipend.

When three months looked like becoming an indefinite stay, they offered to keep my job open indefinitely and to continue paying my pension until I returned.

A company that takes such good care of its employees should be publicly applauded. The safety net Gleeds provided enabled me to survive what I was going through.

Sebastian Potiriadis