The site should be used as efficiently as possible to provide housing and other facilities

It is interesting the view we have on heritage (“Arena plan for Battersea Power Station” (19 April, If this was a greenfield site and someone applied for planning permission today to construct a power station of the same scale and size as Battersea it would be rejected and no doubt planners would refer to the negative effect a building of such scale would have on the London skyline. Yet, when this building is proposed for demolition, the heritage lobby wish to retain it. This makes no sense. The site should be used as efficiently as it can be to provide housing and other facilities.

If it means demolition, so be it. At least the bricks can be reused to construct many of the buildings that would be built on the site and aspects of the architectural style and heritage could be used in a new scheme.

The easy decision is to retain the structure.

Patrick Murdoch, via