We need a focused strategy to get young talent into the industry in order to achieve a sustainable resurgence


Regarding your article “MPs call for urgent reform of apprenticeships” (6 November, building.co.uk), a focused strategy to get young talent into the industry is crucial to achieving a sustainable resurgence. The long-term impact of the recession could be far greater than anyone is anticipating if we fail to create a pipeline of talent.

Although Britain is a world leader in talent, if we lose the ability to bring young people into the industry and train them, we can’t expect to maintain this. This is not an issue to be delegated to HR; it’s a commercial concern that has a direct impact on the bottom line. We only have to look to New Zealand to realise this: a country with a dire shortage of built environment professionals and high build costs as a result.

The reaction to the economic climate in terms of staff retention and recruitment was unavoidable, but as the market begins to pick up, an ideal way to future-proof the industry is to take on more apprentices and increase recruitment at a junior level.

Rob Searle, careerstructure.com