I tend to agree with William Nicholson’s observations

The article rightly commends the Strata tower for putting the Elephant and Castle on the map in a good way, for its positive role in social and urban regeneration and for its provision of affordable housing.

As the chair of the planning committee that approved this building, and as someone who lives sufficiently locally to appreciate all sides of the building (not just its back), it is perhaps worth observing that perhaps the greatest achievement of the Strata tower is that Brookfield built it at all!

On the same night that permission was given, permission was also given for two other buildings: 360 London and the innovatively named Oakmayne Plaza.

For me the Strata tower states clearly and strongly that regeneration will come to the Elephant and Castle, and sets a standard in innovation (if not height) for future developments to match.

Enfranchising south Londoners is far more to do with delivering the regeneration potential in the area than it is about which way the back of a building faces.

James Gurling, via www.building.co.uk