While I find it unhelpful to lay the blame solely at the door of the headhunters (what did the industry do in the nineties to attract school leavers?), I would like to point out some fundamental truths of the industry:

  • People will not move if they are happy in their work, feel valued and respected
  • Look after what you have – it is easier to keep staff than find replacements
  • Agencies that work with everyone must be headhunting from your business to supply their other clients.

Given these truths, here are a few tips for getting the best out of your agent:

  • Choose a company looking to establish a relationship
  • Ask them how they get their candidates
  • Recruiters are regulated by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation and no consultant should be approaching previously placed candidates. Report this
  • Use agents with proven track records, who can provide references and testimonials.

If you refuse to deal with rogue agents and spread the word about shoddy practices, you can rid the industry of these parasites.

James Gardiner