I read with interest your article asserting that the government will miss its carbon reduction targets of 12.5% by 2010/11 (1 May, page 10)

Organisations can sometimes face a tough challenge in using their energy more efficiently. However, we believe the solution often lies in having accurate data on energy use. This has several advantages: providing a baseline for carbon emissions, revealing opportunities to reduce energy consumption and allowing for the implementation of a long-term strategy to achieve the stringent targets that have been set.

The introduction of the carbon reduction commitment provides an excellent reason for qualifying organisations to install automatic meter reading (AMR), for example, by including incentives for early adoption. Complete visibility of energy usage allows energy managers and senior management to take more informed decisions about the most appropriate course of action to reduce consumption, and the results can be remarkable. Having this insight will help communicate the importance of effective carbon management from board level down to the everyday user.

Southwold Primary School in Hackney, east London, has shown what can be achieved by an effective energy audit and implementation plan. Since installing a building management system, and taking steps to improve energy efficiency, the school has achieved a 25% reduction in consumption.

If other organisations follow suit, I believe that the targets set by the government are challenging, but achievable.

Laurent Mineau, head of energy services, EDF Energy Major Business