Your editorial (1 May, page 3) says “the Exchequer is applying brakes by way of efficiency savings”. About time, I say!

Ten years after Egan, some of our customers are getting close to integrated team working and their results are remarkable, though it wasn’t always so, nor was it easy. Huge commitment, not talk, is needed – they quietly go about building relationships and teams so they can deliver projects and grow their organisations.

There is a saying that even turkeys can fly in a good wind. This seems to have been the case over the past 10 years and from our perspective some have milked the good times without making the structural and cultural changes put forward by Egan. Recessions, however, are intended to destroy the old guard, making room for the brave and committed to flourish.

We have the politicians we deserve, good or bad depending on your perspective, but face up to it, they are not going to lead our industry. What’s really needed is the will and skill to bring people together and create world-class teams. Great teams get things done. Organisations that have or can access these skills to leverage their talent will prosper – bring it on!

Dave Stitt, DSA Building Performance