Leaving historical building organisations out of the Green Deal committee is a grave mistake

Castle Combe

Source: Sarah Roe

Castle Combe, Wiltshire: Does the Green Deal threaten historic buildings like these?

It is interesting that the Green Deal is aimed at existing housing, but that there is no inclusion of any historic building organisations such as the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, the Sustainable Traditional Buildings Alliance, English Heritage or Historic Scotland in the taskforce being set up by the UK Green Building Council (Industry group to examine Green Deal incentives, 9 October, www.building.co.uk). Any tightening of minimum standards on pre-1919 or listed properties or those in conservation areas must have careful consideration, and to leave the above groups out is an important loss.

Also, where are the behaviour specialists? Cutting-edge research is happening across the UK’s universities into the behaviour associated with the Green Deal. How can the UKGBC put forward a reasoned argument for a particular incentive, if it has little idea how people will react?

Vicky Ingram, www.building.co.uk