The Home Information Pack is yet another area where the government is introducing poor quality legislation. It should be repealing regulation by the tonne, not introducing it.

I have been carrying out pre-purchase surveys of one sort or another for almost 40 years.

Mostly, my recommendation has been to proceed with the purchase but subject to certain safeguards concerning the condition of the premises for sale. Occasionally, however, I have advised purchasers not to buy.

How will home inspectors acquire the knowledge they need to carry out even the restricted inspection that is proposed? How will they react if they find damning conditions and how will the vendor react in the event that he or she is made aware of them? Probably by covering them up and engaging a new sellers' surveyor.

I cannot believe that any prudent purchaser would buy on the basis of a survey carried out by the vendor. If I am wrong, please contact me.

I have an excellent car for sale. Definitely the bargain of the year.

Anthony Parisi, Johnson and Partners