I note your interview with Sir Bernard Ingham.

The truth is that it is highly unlikely that any nuclear power stations will be built in the UK, mainly because the world is running out of uranium faster than oil, gas or coal.

Also nuclear power only provides 6% of the world’s primary energy, a mere 2.5% in the form of electricity. So even if was “clean”, which is challenged, a doubling would make no difference to climate change if in the meantime the world’s energy use went up more that the 2.5% every year. See my overview at www.after-oil.co.uk/nuclear.htm.

Incidentally I am totally independent and not a member of any green organisation, other than supporting two Wildlife Trusts.

We need to send what capital we can muster in investing in energy saving and building railways on emptying motorways before we run out of it.

John Busby, Bury St Edmunds