I would like to correct the impression given by your article about the investigation into the YouTube videos of on-site pranks (July 20, page 10).

The headline reference to “no sackings” could leave readers thinking that NG Bailey, our subcontractor and an employment agency had been “soft” with the perpetrators. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, only five of the 12 people identified were still employed by the end of the disciplinary process. Those who had carried out the pranks were told they were likely to be dismissed, except that two resigned prior to the dismissal being issued. The decisions to impose final written warnings were based on the lower level of involvement by the individuals concerned and their co-operation during the investigation.

The Health and Safety Executive was consulted throughout and informed of the disciplinary procedure. It has not taken any witness statements or visited any sites, but it has been provided with the last-known addresses of all those individuals identified and has, we believe, written to them.

Irresponsible behaviour on construction sites is an industry-wide issue, which is why we continue to work with subcontractors, industry bodies and key customers to address it. We have also reiterated our health and safety policies to all workers, including the banning of mobile phones on site.

Cal Bailey, director, NG Bailey