The article on your website on 20 November was wholly inaccurate, as Hollandia sees the UK as the hub of future activity and development.

The rate of the euro to the pound is an inconvenience in that it has provided a more competitive environment in the UK. However, through innovation and rationalisation Hollandia continues to maintain its competitive edge. In particular, 2007 was a transition period for the Hollandia group in which a clear vision was developed for the future. This vision led to a rationalisation of activities between ZNS and Hollandia, which was fully executed in April 2008. This rationalisation included the centralisation of engineering, procurement and accounts to our head office in Krimpen aan den Ijssel under the direction of Hollandia’s new centralised management structure.

A major factor of our success is our financial stability, which is based on an attitude of “no frills, no superfluous departments or overheads” and in the ever-changing world of steel construction, we continue to react to maintain our position as a market leader, through a solid and consistent track record, with a high proportion of work coming through repeat business.

Following on from a portfolio of high-profile projects, such as Exchange House, the London Eye, 30 St Mary Axe and Wembley stadium, Hollandia has maintained a constant presence in the UK, in particular on Canary Wharf, the CTRL maintenance depot in Stratford and the High Wycombe shopping centre, and Hollandia continues to pursue selective projects in the UK.

In summary, Hollandia continues to grow and has no intention of withdrawing from the UK markets.