Ridge’s Mat Kier on the Mongolian Rally Challenge sends an update from Uzebekistan

11 August


Russia: So I may have got the car a tad stuck in the mud on the way back from following our maps app to bridge that washed away years ago. We had to enlist help from an angry Russian. Although he towed us out so can’t have been that annoyed with us.

12 August


Lunch of pot noodles on the side of the main road in Russia on way to ulan ude. Whilst lending some tools to some people that had broken down Going the other way.

13 August


My favourite road sign. Not that I had one before this trip. Some would think that it means lumpy road. What it actually means is ‘the road is fucked but we can’t be bothered to fix it, so here’s a sign’ excuse my french. It’s such a good sign! Especially when it’s got 10km under it!

14 August

Us at the finish today! However it turns out that you only need to give over your life savings at one border so we’re going to try and enter and exit through the north border next to Uan Ude the way we were planning on leaving. So there may be finsh round two! In about a week…

Why do (such a crazy) the trip?


The Ulaan Bouldar-Mobile (otherwise known as the 1994 Metro)

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Mat’s route to Mongolia

Mat Kier is a technician for Ridge & Partners