The government cannot afford to fail to implement the Construction Commitments through its supply chain, particularly after publicly signing up to them (25 July, page 9). And why on earth would it want to?

If the government pays its main contractors or tier-one suppliers (with taxpayers’ money), it is surely in all our interests to ensure that money flows through the supply chain bringing efficiency and economic benefits to everyone, rather than lining main contractors’ pockets.

Companies such as Carillion have had plenty of time to “modify their business systems”; they should pay fairly and in accordance with the government’s Fair Payment Charter or not be selected to work on government contracts of any type. The commitments, fair payment and leadership from the public sector are supported by construction minister Shriti Vadera and the BERR select committee in its recently published report Construction Matters.

Give the Office of Government Commerce some teeth to help this industry move into the 21st business century, as it would seem that some parts of the industry need a sharp bite.

Suzannah Nichol, chief executive, NSCC