Further to the article by Malcolm Taylor (no relation) in Building (22 October, page 33) regarding his dissatisfaction with the RICS, I was interested in the follow-up letter by the much respected Roger Knowles (29 October, page 27) and his effort to entice more QSs to join his breakaway organisation. Surely in this day and age the last thing the construction professionals need is more fragmentation or infighting. Instead, the industry is ripe for a consolidation of the professionals and a new clarity of purpose.

I would love to see a drive to bring the various construction professional groups together at national level.

It is only by working closer together that we will be able to tear down the barriers that keep us apart and move the professions into the 21st century. Unfortunately I see no signs of movement in this direction and no leader emerging to make it happen.

Gordon Taylor, property asset manager, Perth & Kinross council