The energy bills don’t go down until the losts - which won’t be that low - have been repaid

As someone who is not entirely happy with the concept of the Green Deal, as it was proposed (Wates team wins £200m Green Deal job,, 29 July), this announcement feeds my fears.

The whole thing is now completely out-of-bounds to any other organisation and there will be a one-size-fits-all standard system to all of these properties.

As for the idea that this scheme “will help tens of thousands of households with their energy bills, help thousands of people struggling with fuel poverty, and create hundreds of jobs in the region” - I thought that the cost was recovered by savings in energy over a period of years?

The point being that the energy bills don’t go down, at least for the foreseeable future, until the costs - which won’t be that low given that there is effectively a sole supplier - have been repaid.

R Massie, via