Crispin & Borst's famous five approaches to safety meant it came out top in this category
Crispin & Borst
Crispin & Borst has split its health and safety programme into no less than five initiatives to ensure that its workers and customers avoid hazards and construction-related illnesses.

These are: risk assessment training – with worksheets to be completed, so no dozing at the back; state-of-the-art vehicles fitted with hot water washing facilities, hands-free mobile kits, work benches and lighting, plus safety, fire-fighting and first-aid equipment; health screening for all staff; new and improved high-tech corporate safetywear; and remote tracking devices to keep tabs on lone workers and help manage the vehicle fleet. Which in turn means: a fully educated, clean, healthy, safe and – er – never lost workforce.

Crispin & Borst has a commendable approach to its operatives’ needs and provides them with great facilities

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