The new prime minister spoke over the summer about his proposals on the issue

Prime minister Rishi Sunak has wasted no time in appointing a new cabinet after his dramatic return from the political wilderness. Most notably, Michael Gove has returned as housing secretary as Sunak promises stability. 

But what did the former chancellor promise on the issue of housing as part of his campaign during the first Conservative leadership campaign in the summer?

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New PM Rishi Sunak has not committed to a figure for the amount of new homes that should be built every year

This what the Ready for Rishi team said on the issue to Building’s sister title Housing Today back in August: 

Would you commit to meeting the manifesto pledge of increasing housebuilding to 300,000 homes a year by the mid-2020s?

“Rishi does not believe in arbitrary, top-down numbers. We need to continue our progress on delivering more homes, in order to extend the benefits of home ownership to the next generation.

“What matters is helping councils to get local plans in place more quickly to deliver beautiful homes which communities can support, delivering bold planning policies to support densification in inner-city areas and doing more to regenerate brownfield land.”

What would a government led by you do to increase housebuilding?

“Rishi wants to see more homes delivered for the next generation. He is squarely brownfield-focused and favours ambitious reforms to increase density in our inner cities, investing in regenerating brownfield land across the country, and pursuing developments that have community support.

Rishi is squarely brownfield-focused and favours ambitious reforms to increase density in our inner cities

“He wants to go further in diversifying the housing market, introducing reforms to tackle landbanking, removing barriers for smaller builders, and delivering more through modern methods of construction.

”Rishi will also press on with reforms to ensure that developers fully fund the roads and local infrastructure needed before new homes are delivered.”

Would you make any changes to the proposed planning reforms in the Levelling-up and Regeneration Bill?

“Rishi wants to see a quicker, less bureaucratic planning system with local communities getting a genuine say in what gets built where.

“The Levelling-up Bill has many good planning policies in it but, as prime minister, Rishi would of course review all measures to make sure we are fulfilling those aims.”

Would you make more resources available for planners?

”Rishi understands how important funding certainty is for local councils, including planning departments. That is why he provided local authorities with a multi-year funding settlement at the last spending review.

”On planning fees, Rishi favours a balanced approach which does not place disproportionate burdens on smaller developers but provides planning departments with the resources they need.”