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  • film studio image RGB lowres

    Cost model: Film and TV studios


    Even before the pandemic, home streaming of films and TV shows was growing rapidly, feeding demand for new facilities that can create compelling material for these platforms. Aecom’s Paul Davis, Laura Jevons, Ben Hooker and Tim Jackson examine the key cost drivers of building a new studio or sound stage ...

  • Kings Theatre Edinburgh_Visualisation front elevation corner by Bennetts Associates

    Contractors wanted for £20m Edinburgh theatre makeover


    Expressions of interest due in later this month

  • The IMAX on London’s South Bank has an award-winning design

    Cost model: Cinemas


    Cinemas can brighten urban areas and masterplans, and need good design and facilities to attract increasingly discerning audiences

  • The Olympic Stadium, Stratford, London

    Cost model: Stadium construction


    In a changing landscape for major sporting infrastructure schemes, what does it take to develop and operate stadiums and arenas? Hein le Roux and Eugene Corrigan of Aecom report

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    Cost model: Hotels


    Converting an existing building is often the best option for opening new hotels. Here are the main design considerations and costs

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    Cost model: Libraries


    What is in store for the library? Daniel Pomfrett of Davis Langdon, an Aecom company, and Stuart Hill of Schmidt Hammer Lassen, look at design and cost challenges for the next generation of buildings

  • The Dublin 02 was designed by architect Populous and opened at the end of last year. It was created from an old warehouse on the quayside

    Cost model: Indoor arenas


    Even in recessionary times, entertainment creates opportunities and in the live music business, promoters want new, purpose-built venues. Simon Rawlinson and Martin Jennings of Davis Langdon examine how gigs are changing the face of the indoor arena

  • Savill Garden visitor centre in Windsor Park, Berkshire, by Glen Howells Architects

    Cost model: Visitor centres


    Visitor centres give clients and their designers a great opportunity to make an architectural statement. At the same time, a lot of functions need to be squeezed into compact buildings. Neal Kalita of Davis Langdon examines how style and function can be reconciled

  • Hoxton hotels, which favour distinctive contemporary styling, are at the upper end of the budget market

    Mini cost model: Budget hotels


    The budget hotel sector is expanding, moving into new locations and offering its customers new facilities. Max Wilkes of Davis Langdon looks at their design, procurement and costs

  • The Lowry Centre in Salford combines art galleries and theatres. It was designed by Michael Wilford & Partners

    Cost model: Museums


    Museums and galleries have to be more high-tech, sustainable and visitor-friendly than ever before. Neal Kalita of Davis Langdon runs through the funding, design and environmental issues as well as breaking down the costs of a new-build extension for a museum

  • Booms and movable floors are used to make the 50 m pool at Crawley Leisure Centre suitable for a mix of leisure, teaching and fitness swimming

    Cost model: Swimming pools


    Britain's swimmers haven't had much success recently - so if we want a gold rush in 2012, we must start building competition pools now. Simon Rawlinson of Davis Langdon examines the key design and economic issues and breaks down the costs of a 50 m pool with dry sports ...

  • London’s Almeida theatre won £1.5m from the Arts Council for England to improve seating, refurbish backstage and extend its foyer

    Cost model: Theatres


    Davis Langdon looks at the design and value drivers, operational considerations, procurement issues and of course costs associated with theatre new-build and refurbishment

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    Cost model: Football stadiums


    Developers are in the grip of football fever, building iconic stadiums that will revive out-of-town areas. We look at the challenges in design, security and crowd control and highlights the retail and hospitality potential

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    Cost model: Hotel refurbishment


    Despite sharp drops in profitability over the past year, hotel operators continue to invest heavily in refurbishment. In this quarter’s cost model, Davis Langdon & Everest examines the key elements and challenges of hotel refurbishment, giving detailed costs for guest rooms and front-of-house areas

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    Cost study: Birmingham Repertory Theatre


    The diversity of performing arts buildings makes it hard to talk about a typical case, but the £7m refurbishment of Birmingham Repertory Theatre reveals some common issues

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    Cost model: Multiplex cinemas


    Since 1985, nearly 2000 multiplex cinemas have opened, mainly on out-of-town sites. Now government planning guidance is forcing cinema operators back into town centres. Cost consultant Davis Langdon & Everest examines the design, specification and costs of urban multiplexes

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    Cost study: Hemel Hempstead Sports Centre


    Awarded the biggest lottery grant for a sports building refurbishment, Hemel Hempstead Sports Centre has been given a complete facelift. It is a success on all fronts, with attendance figures up 80% and the work costing half that of new-build

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    Cost study: Holiday Inn Express


    The client wanted a budget hotel built for a fixed price with minimum risk. Thanks to the innovative use of a special purpose vehicle company, it was able to start operating the new Holiday Inn Express at Wellingborough after just 30 weeks on site

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    Cost model: Indoor arenas


    The growing popularity of indoor sports such as ice hockey and basketball has led to a boom in new indoor arenas in many UK cities. QS Davis Langdon & Everest examines the cost implications and specifications of indoor arenas

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    Cost study: London Heathrow Marriott Hotel


    The Whitbread Hotel Company s 390-bedroom London Heathrow Marriott is its first new-build hotel, procured to a tight timescale using extensive prefabrication and within a fixed budget of £56 000 a bedroom. The result is Marriott s flagship for the UK