Lydia Stockdale

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    No base like home


    Occupiers such as BT are increasingly seeing the benefits of home and flexible working. Is this the end of the office? Lydia Stockdale reports

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    My employer helped me


    Lydia Stockdale met three people who made lucky choices when they picked a firm to work for

  • Daniel Rea

    A man on a mission


    Arup engineer Daniel Rea tells Lydia Stockdale how he followed a path trodden by Dr Livingstone and ended up at the Building Awards

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    Just what is it like to live in an Ecohome?


    Sustainable housebuilding is all well and good, but it means little without sustainability-minded houseowners to back it up. Lydia Stockdale visited three ecohomes to see how the residents have adapted to a greener lifestyle

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    Starting out


    How they made it Deena Mattar is one of the industry’s only female finance directors. She tells Lydia Stockdale how keeping her temper and her head down got her to the top

  • Professor, construction management

    This professor has been brought to you by ...


    If your lecturer spends more time with private firms than with you, should you a) Complain, b) Be glad they’re keeping up with the latest thinking, or c) Get them to wangle you a job?

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    Oh my god, I didn’t


    Ah, but the sick lump of fear in your stomach tells you that you did – and now you have to go to work and cope with the fall-out. Lydia Stockdale and Katie Puckett report on how to make sure your Christmas party antics don’t ruin your career …

  • cranes

    HSE probed crane safety before Battersea collapse


    The HSE says it was investigating the safety of cranes long before crane collapse at Battersea

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    ‘Let’s talk again two years from now …’


    Hays Executive salary guide In 2006 executives have bided their time, choosing to wait and see where the top Olympic jobs will arise. But when the time comes, it will pay to have had one or two discreet meetings with headhunters

  • Carbon coach

    What's your carbon footprint?


    After an amazing response to our online Carbon footprint estimator, now readers can find out which professions are the environmental angels and which are gas-guzzling sinners...

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    Starting out


    For managers on site, taking responsibility for health and safety can be a matter of life and death. And for graduates in their early twenties, that responsibility can weigh very heavily indeed.

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    Home from home


    Squashed and sweating in protective clothing for 10 hours at the scene of an emergency was the final straw for Bob Jones. He demanded a refuge – a van he could call his own

  • Jeeves and Wooster: Markus Braun (left) and Andrew Pears set out on their mission to inform – and feed

    Moving message


    Andrew Pears’ Cafe Van tours sites spreading the sustainable construction word with toasted sandwiches and tea

  • Gardner’s lesson gets under way

    Tools for schools


    A mobile workshop is bringing an ‘Aladdin’s cave’ of tools to the chosen few at five Surrey schools, giving them a real taste of the building site

  • HSE

    Firms fined £300,000 following death in sewer


    Bethell Construction and Future Environmental Services were fined yesterday for a fatal fall from height in Oldham

  • corruption

    Corruption unit is not a 'witch hunt against construction'


    Police says new unit will not target construction specifically in bribery and corruption investigations

  • roulette

    Supercasino decision delayed


    Shadow culture secretary says decision on location of supercasino has been delayed by a month

  • Al Gore

    Building buys the popcorn


    Yes, we’re branching out. Inspired by the success of ‘Building buys a pint’, we took a group from consultant WSP to see Al Gore’s eco-documentary An Inconvenient Truth. Lydia Stockdale forked out for the Butterkist …

  • Crane collapse in London

    Another crane collapses in London


    The jib of a crane on a Sir Robert McAlpine site in London collapsed at 9.30 this morning

  • Craylands

    Plans revealed: £200m Thames Gateway scheme


    An outline planning application has been submitted for PRP's 1,650 home redevelopment in Basildon

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