The British Council of Offices has published a guide on how to construct and maintain green buildings

The British Council of Offices (BCO) has produced a guide on the environmental management of offices.

The office industry think-tank launched The Best Practice Guide to Environmental Management in Offices yesterday in London and it is now being rolled out across the rest of the UK.

The report offers information on the entire life cycle of a building. It gives advice on how to design and build more environmentally friendly buildings through to how office occupiers can manage the office so it produces minimal waste and saves on electricity consumption.

Richard Kauntze, chief executive of the BCO, said: “The British were recently named as the biggest wasters of energy in Europe, we also work the longest hours. This new BCO guide provides everyone working in an office in the UK with suggestions on how to work in a more environmentally friendly way.”

The guide is available from the BCO and costs £30 for members and £45 to non-members.