London design collective provides cheap working space for unemployed architects

A London design collective has come up with a positive solution to help those affected by the economic gloom.

The East London Design Bureau has established low-cost, flexible project spaces for architects and people from creative world who have recently been made redundant.

Architect using one of East London Design Bureau's spaces

The organisation believes that recessions are a good time to get people's creative juices flowing.

It believes that recessions "eventually provide a renaissance of architectural thought, individual ambition, and a germination period for new creative practices”.

ELDB’s aim is to provide an infrastructure to speed this process up.

It also wants to let people who may feel creatively stifled by commercial practice see the opportunities a recession can bring about.

The design collective, established in 2008, is currently approaching London’s creative meeting points, architecture schools and classifieds pages to inform architects of the scheme.