Sapa Building Systems has developed a new concealed door closer which will help building owners comply with disabled access regulations and assist the very young and the very old in using the doors

Suitable for a range of applications, including communal doors to residential and non-residential buildings such as schools, the unit enables both opening and closing forces to be adjusted and the requirements of Part M of the Building Regulations and BS8300 2001 to be met. Because it is concealed it also offers cleaner aesthetics and cannot be easily tampered with or vandalised.

As well as being adjustable for closing and latching speed it also features a hold open facility. The closer is compatible with both Sapa 202 commercial entrance doors and Sapa Stormframe ST thermally broken commercial entrance doors. The latter are expected to be in great demand later this year when the 2010 revisions to Approved Document L are implemented.

Sapa Building Systems