Former US vice president attacks government over ‘puzzling’ decisions at climate event in central London

Al Gore

Source: Alamy

Former US vice president Al Gore has slammed the UK government over its “puzzling” decision to scrap several green energy policies in recent months.

Speaking at a climate leadership event in central London this week hosted by the Green Alliance and the CBI, Gore tore into the government’s backtracking on its commitments on a host of renewable and energy efficiency policies.

He said: “Since the election was held, this country’s commitment to zero-carbon homes has been cancelled. This country’s commitment to carbon build has been cancelled. The Green Deal has been cancelled. The climate change levy exemption for zero-carbon energy has been cancelled. Solar support via the renewables obligation has been cancelled. Onshore wind support via the renewable obligation has been cancelled.”

Commenting on the government’s attitude to green policy, Gore added: “Words. Words. What about actions? The actions that have been taken here in the last few months are puzzling to me.”

John Cridland, director general of the CBI, was equally critical. He said: “Business must be - and wants to be - part of the solution to tackling the global challenge of climate change.”