A management buyout has been launched for Beazer's social housing division and two prefabrication factories.
John Cadwallader, managing director of Beazer Partnerships, is leading the bid, which has been on the table since February.

The buyout team refused to comment, but it is understood the deal would see Beazer Partnerships and Beazer's Torwood timber frame factories at Ipswich and Livingston hived off along with three offices and 250 staff.

Persimmon, which is understood to be keen to offload the factories after its purchase of Beazer, says it is "market-testing the proposal" and inviting other bids.

The housebuilder has said it will make a decision by the end of the June, although the management team wants a decision earlier.

A source said: "The pressure on Persimmon to finalise the disposal is growing daily. The team just wants the deal finalised quickly. It's a good offer." Persimmon refused to comment on the issue.

Beazer has completed 300 houses out of a deal to supply 2000 units to Amphion, a consortium of housing associations. Persimmon has written to Amphion guaranteeing that the contract will be fulfilled in the short- to medium-term.

The buyout would suit Persimmon because the social housing and prefab operations would be taken off its hands, but it wants to see if it can get better prices for the divisions if they are sold separately.

However, the source said: "It will get messy if it is split up. It's more than just making the units. It also involves installation."