Contractor takes on 70 of the subcontractor’s workforce on £50m student digs

Contractor Bam has given 70 out-of-work subbies a reprieve after stepping in to finish the concrete frame on a £50m student village project in Aston.

Subcontractor O’Donnell was forced to abandon the £7m concrete frame part-way through construction after it fell into administration last month.

But the contractor on the Aston scheme Bam stepped in take on the workforce on the job, saving 70 jobs.

A Bam spokesperson said the jobs had been rescued for a “temporary” period for the duration of the works, but added Bam may take on some of the workers upon completion.

The spokesperson said: “It’s not been a cheap solution for Bam, but we’ve rescued the job. We’ve not lost time on the job and it’s not cost the client.”