Australian firm Bambuco and engineer Faber Maunsell collaborate on 100m long structure as part of Summer Tyne festival

The River Tyne is about to get another bridge, this time made out of bamboo. The 100m span structure is being built by Australian firm Bambuco to mark the beginning of the Summer Tyne festival.

It will be supported on 25m towers and is being hand built by riggers who are manually piecing the structure together using 20 tonnes of bamboo.

Engineering consultant Faber Maunsell has used 3D analytical software to develop the design and ensure that it is compliant with UK standards.

John Longthorne, director at Faber Maunsell, said: “The River Tyne is famous for its bridges, each a feat of engineering in its own right.

"Bambuco’s bamboo bridge carries on that tradition, being the first suspension bridge across the lower reaches of the Tyne and an interesting counterpoint to the parabolic arches of the adjacent Millennium and Tyne bridges."

The bridge is due to be completed this Friday. When it is dismantled the bamboo will be reused.