BETTE introduces enameled bathroom product range

BETTE has launched its BETTEONE range of enameled steel bathing, showering and washing products. The range consists of two baths, three washbasins and shower trays with straight lines, precise corners and a 20mm high rim around the edge of the products. Available in two versions, the BETTEONE duo bath has enough room for two people, and the BETTEONE RELAX is a bath for one with an angled bath rest, which the company says gives a high level of comfort and reduced water usage. The washbasins in this range can be wall mounted, counter top, built-in or under-mounted in the sizes 530x530, 700x530, 900x530 and 1,100x530mm. The washbasins come with an overflow and a broad edge, which
the company says can be used as a shelf. The shower trays are available in four sizes; 900x900, 1,000x900, 1,200x900, 1,200x1,000mm.